Keeper of Dragons Blog Tour

Keeper of Dragons Blog Tour

Guest Post

People always ask me about myself…after I answer they are like…you write when exactly?!?!?

A little about myself….my name is JA Culican.  I have been married for 11 years this July….to my high school sweetheart….awww! We have four children who keep us on our toes….ages 3, 5, 6 & 9! By day I am an 8th grade special ed. teacher and the President of Puzzle Peace United, a nonprofit that helps families with children with Autism….by night, I write!

Why do I write….or better why and when? Easy, my kids! My kids love fantasy and magic. When given the choice of going to Disney or Universal…my kiddos pick Universal…why? Harry Potter of course! My kids love dragons, mermaids, wizards and any other magical creature you can think of! The when is also easy…after bedtime.  Once my kids are in bed, lunches are made for the next day…and the house is kinda picked up…I write.

Writing was always just a hobby for me. A way to relax and wind down. I started making up stories for my kids about dragons that I would tell them before bedtime. My oldest who hated to read, begged me for the book of these stories.  I told her there wasn’t one, that I just made them up….and she begged me to write it for her…the kid who hated to read!!  So, of course I had to write it!!  And in turn, The Keeper of Dragons was born!


How would you react if you found out you were a dragon? 

Not just any dragon-the one who was fated to save all that was deemed true. 

On his 18th birthday, Cole’s once humdrum life spirals into an uncontrollable battle for life or death. First, he learns that his family isn’t really his own and his birth parents are actually dragons. With that legacy comes a special calling; devoting an eternity to protecting all true beings from creatures bent on controlling the Earth and bringing an end to dragons. 
As the newly-minted Prince of Ochana, Cole is also the Keeper of Dragons and his first task is to keep the nefarious farro-fallen fairies-at bay. With no formal training, no control of his mahier-dragon magic, and fear like he’s never experienced before, will Cole be able to reach outside of his human side and embrace his destiny in time to defeat the farros? 


Also available on itunes!


J.A. Culican is a teacher by day and a writer by night. She lives in New Jersey with her husband of eleven years and their four young children. She spend her evenings at home, with her family watching Harry Potter and Star Wars. When not home you can find her at the soccer or field hockey fields, rooting her children on.

J.A. Culican’s inspiration to start writing came from her children and their love for all things magical. Bedtime stories turned to reality after her oldest daughter begged her for the book from which her stories of dragons came from. In turn, the series The Keeper of Dragons was born.

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