#FREE Raw Deal (Beauty for Ashes: Book One)

A new freebie for those interested in inspirational, Christian, young adult books!

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A Christian teen and new adult fiction novel by Amazon bestselling author Dayo Benson


Lexi Dixon is in L.A. The guys are hot, the girls are chic, and her modelling career is taking off. The road to stardom is just a matter of less pizza and better posing—she’ll be there in no time!

But behind the designer clothes and the runway shows lies a very real pain that Lexi is powerless to overcome by herself. And a girl in pain makes very bad decisions when she’s around hot guys who drive flashy cars.

It’s only a matter of time before the perfect life she’s trying to build comes crashing down…

Categories: Christian teen fiction, Christian teen romance, Christian YA, Christian New Adult, fame and celebrity.




Dayo Benson is passionate about using fiction to convey powerful messages about redemption and God’s love.

When she is not writing Dayo enjoys music, reading and going for long walks. She lives in North West England with her husband and their two beautiful daughters.

Learn more about Dayo and her upcoming books at http://www.dayobenson.com


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